….The Fuss about Soccer….

FA Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Champion’s League, World Cup ! Name any of these to 90% of the male species and the eyes light up like a child does with candy ! Take it from me, right now enough of these species is worried after May 31st when most of the European leagues will come to an end till mid-August. A cold season indoors without football , what misery !
Why the fuss about some leather patched together and 22 grown men(though this is changing gradually…)chasing it around ? From studies conducted by scientists, it is said that when a child is born and give it a ball, if it is a girl she will collect it and hold it in her hands. But if you give it to a boy…that’s right, he will kick it ! It’s just inborn .
Football or soccer( as the Americans are wont to call it !) is the so-called universal game. The whole world seems to stop for a moment during the 1 month of the World Cup which is the ultimate for a footballer’s dream. However given the huge levels of commercialisation and marketing given to the European Leagues, especially the UEFA Champions League, the game at national or international level is losing its prominence…we’ll pick it from there on another post !

It’s the rush of Adrenaline ! It’s the beatin’of the heart as the clock runs down ! It’s SPORTS KENYA!

Sports abound ! Three seconds to the buzzer and the ball lands onto the outside D, the point-guard looks to his left and finds the shooting guard, one TM !He’s already beaten his man after a nasty screen. He gets the ball and without a moment’s thought launches a quick 3-point shot and as he does so, is pushed off his mark but the ball is already released into the air…….2……1…….BUZZER ! Swiiish the ball goes in ! Basket and a foul !